Sunday, April 6, 2014

It's been a while!

 It has been a long time since I posted a blog! I'm sorry but it has been a crazy time and a good break for me. I don't know why blogging is so hard for me to do. I have been up to a lot, doing a lot of quilting and I was able to go to Quilt Market and Quilt Festival in Houston, TX in the fall last year. I worked with the Slice crafts company in their booth. I do a lot of samples for them, I got to quilt this one for Shari Butler of Doohikey Designs. She designs fabric for Riley Blake and she does design cards for Slice. She made this quilt and I just quilted it for her, I did fun overlapping loops that look like old school phone cords to go along with her vintage phones die cut.
 I got to meet a lot of my quilting celebrities that I think are awesome, including Camille Roskelley:
 And I met Tula Pink:
 These are the girls that I worked with in the booth at Quilt festival
 Houston was fun to visit, I have a friend who lives there so I got to visit her and see some sights including going to an alligator and wild animal rescue park.
 I was gone for a full week which was really needed for me, but it was hard on my family they were so sweet and made me a homemade banner to welcome me when I got home!
 Very recently I got to quilt for Sukie on this quilt I quilted an allover large greek key pattern
 And this quilt (which I think is famous) is her vintage quilt revival that I got to custom quilt for her:
Of course I will show off some closeups of the blocks, they were really fun to do and design each one as I went:

 This is another custom job that I did a little while ago for Roxane, it is a special family quilt for her it has pictures of her family at different ages and I love the pieced angels and hearts and wonky blocks and the patchwork border.

 This next one was such a labor of love for me, I made this quilt and my friend wanted me to finish it and sell it to her for her daughter. I have a hard time finishing my own stuff because I'm busy with customer quilts or I don't have a need to finish it right away because I don't really have a use for it or someone to give it to. So I love it when I get to finish something that I made!
I embroidered her name on the border, she is a sweet 8 year old girl that has been our friend for over 4 years now.
 I used an old Moda snuggles on the back that went great with it
 The pattern is Hopscotch by Thimbleblossoms and the fabric was Strawberry Fields by Fig Tree and Co.
 I did a fun custom job on this, stitch in ditch everywhere and 2 fun borders, and some feathers, straight lines, and curved lines.
 I used a beige highlights thread from Superior threads, I love the sparkle of it!

I've made a resolution to blog more, I know that because I have my own business whether I like it or not I am always marketing so if I'm not blogging then that is a negative on me, and I'd rather have a positive! I am proud of the work that I do and I love to share what I love so I'm going to try hard to get over my hate for blogging and just do it (maybe I'll like it again if I make it a habit).
Anyway, if you are out there, thanks for following my blog!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Quilting Is Fun Again!

I've been able to quilt so smoothly and quickly I am enjoying it so much again! I was having problems on my little machine so to have a great big machine that doesn't have issues is awesome!
I've been able to finish 21 quilts in the last 5 weeks! I have a couple here to show you:
This one is a "niner" quilt from a new customer I did an all over pattern on it but it seems to hard to see in this picture:
This is a quilt from my customer Roxane:
 She wanted a lot of detail on this one so I did detail on all of the small blocks in the center and then different details in the borders and stitching in the ditch between them all.
 Here is a closer up view of the center blocks
 I did some fun feathers in the 2 green corner borders:
 And this is her pieced backing that is really cool with her leftover blocks and some border blocks:

 I quilted a rainbow quilt for a friend and I used variegated thread for my first time if you can imagine that! It turned out awesome I can't wait to use variegated thread more often in my future!
 In between quilts I've been hiking and getting ready for this mega hike I did at the end of September. It is Mt. Timpanogas in Utah and it was an 18 mile hike but as you can see there was lots of snow it was really slick and icy the last mile so we didn't make it all the way up this time. I plan on going earlier in the year next year probably August and will be able to make it all the way.
I have a customer Susan who is a really modern quilter and she just brought me 8 quilts she has been working on quilts and hasn't brought me any since February. This quilt of hers is amazing and I am so happy with the quilting that I chose for this one I hope she is too!
 I quilted each colored stripe a different quilting with no repeats
 As you can see I did all types in there!
 It was really a lot of fun!
 I also did this amazing feather swirl in the white sides and I think it looks great with the quilt:

 This one I just finished tonight is Sarah's swoon quilt she just finished piecing last week and dropped off to me on her way home from a girls sewing retreat:
 We decided baptist fans on this one I've seen some across the Internet and thought they looked great and she did too. Hers looks so great it was fun to do these baptist fans for my first time!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

My new addition!!

This was my quilting studio a couple of Saturday nights ago- I sold my machine! It was not sad at all and it is going to a great home and will be great for someone else.
 This is the last quilt that I ever quilted on it-yes those are my toes!
I got 2 days to re-organize my space and wait for this guy!
It brought me 7 boxes - all different sizes and shapes.
THIS one was my favorite- because of whats inside and yes there was squealing, jumping, and fist pumping for sure!
 My new quilting machine! Her name is Lucey and she came with a bow on it, it took a few hours to set up in which my husband helped me so much.
I thought I wanted it on the right side of my room where my other one was but because of the leftover space being too tight I moved it over and I have more room for my other sewing table and cutting table and ironing board. This is where she is now and the quilt on the wall there is the first quilt that I quilted on it. It was a breeze and so lovely and I got right to work on the 6 quilts waiting for me.
This one was the first, it was so nice to do these great big blocks in one pass. I have 26" of throat space on Lucey!

 This is the quilt that I quilted first, it is Christine's and she did needle turn appliqué for her first time on it! It looks so great and it needed a special touch- I did lots of custom work on this with a few thread color changes. This quilt is called Celebrate Summer from My Lazy Daisy:
 A close up of the basket and watermelon block:
 This sand castle is my favorite- I did pebbles with some crescents in each of them. It makes it easier to travel around the pebbles without having to go around them 2-3 times and building up thread.
 In the sun I did some fun swirls and McTavishing and I followed the "waves" on the zebra print blue background
 Another shot- some daisies, ladybugs, and flip flops!
 This is the next quilt I did for Jill- it was huge like 95 x 113! But it was so quick to quilt up on my new machine compared to my other one would have been a nightmare!
 I quilted a quilt for sweet Katie and I quilted all the 12 star blocks differently but did the setting triangles all the same. At first I didn't quilt the sashing and after I took it off it did not look good so I quilted them too!
 This quilt had 4 borders along with the 12  18" star blocks with sashing so it was huge too!
 See much better with quilting in the sashing! I didn't get a picture of the whole thing but she used the woolies flannel and a Target blanket on the backing so this quilt is so comfy and she is keeping it for herself! She deserves it- she gives so many quilts away!
 This is a quilt that I made for the Slice company. It is for a new card called Alpha Critters. I love the colors and the 4 borders on this one.
 I did all of this embroidery on my machine- each animal has a name and the 1st and last blocks say Now I know my ABCs... time won't you sing with me?
 Isn't this octopus cute?
 This is how I quilted the borders and I quilted in the ditch on all the squares and around the appliqué and embroidery.

 Aren't these animals so cute? I think this quilt is going to fall market!

I have been busy catching up on work and I've got a new love for quilting now that I can do more with out problems and do great things on blocks all in one pass and not have to roll so much anymore. I am so grateful to have it and grateful for my awesome husband who built my quilting studio and supports me so much in what I love to do. He is so unselfish and a great guy to have around. 
I am also grateful to have loyal and understanding customers and work all of the time so I can stay home with my kids and raise them and still be able to make some money and do what I love.
Thank you to everyone who supports me I am so happy to be putting more of myself and my love for quilting out there to the world!