Monday, November 5, 2012

The other Slice quilt

 I have been doing a lot of work for the Slice company to get ready for International Quilt market which happened the last weekend of October in Houson, Texas. This is one that they designed and I made it and quilted and finished it.
 This was a lot of cutting for all of the letters, but it is so easy with the slice machine, it only took about 10 minutes!
 I love this cool loop that I quilted inside the zig zags:
 I love the colors of this quilt!
 A great view to see all of the texture!
 The backing was pieced and it shows off the quilting pretty well.
I like to have these big projects to work on that I can do start to finish. I really wish I could work on something of my own but the thing that motivates me is deadlines and I don't have any quilts that I need to finish to give to someone so I haven't been finishing any of my own things for a while. I hope this changes!

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