Saturday, April 27, 2013

Quilt Studio Reveal

One of the big reasons we bought our house is because of this space in the basement I could make into a quilting studio for me. I needed a work room and didn't want to set up my stuff in a bedroom because my girls do better with separate rooms. I set up temporarily in the unfinished family room in the basement and we got to work on this space that I wanted to make into a huge work room for me.
The space is a little bit over 15 feet by 20 feet!!
We got started on this the day after Christmas, we got a bunch of gift cards and went and bought the lumber so that my handy husband could get to work framing it.
And a day later, it was all framed! He did great and fast work.
We had to wait a long time after the framing to get the HVAC done and the electrical roughed. We got bids to do the sheet rock and they were outrageous so we got the idea that we could do it ourselves.
I definitely wanted to insulate, and definitely the ceiling because both of my girls bedrooms are right above it and I do a lot of quilting at night after I put them to bed.
Here is my dear husband and my two little girls watching him put up sheetrock.
And then it was done! The ceiling was the hardest, after attempting to do a sheet or two with just he and I, we went and rented a jack that lifts the sheets up for you while you secure them in place.
The day after he finished hanging the sheetrock my father in law came up from St. George and helped do the mud and tape.
And they put on a coat or two of the drywall mud to smooth out those seams.
And even more mud. They kept asking me if I was sure I wanted smooth walls.
Brad and I did the texture of the ceiling, and might I add that we did a pretty good job.
I did all of the painting. I had to do 2 coats of primer everywhere first the new sheetrock kept soaking it up pretty fast but 2 coats was perfect. And then I started painting.
I love my paint color, it is Behr Ionic Sky. I had to do two coats of paint too it just didn't cover well enough with only one, dang it!
They built me a little closet organizer so I could have my wire drawers underneath and a tall filing cabinet and a few little shelves to put things.
The casing all got put on while me and my sister in law painted doors, man those things needed like 5 coats!
I hate the taping part, but the trim had to be painted!
I had a vision of doing a scallop crown molding but the only one I found was super expensive so I thought I could just paint it. I chalked a line 1.5" down from the ceiling and then I made a template with quilting plastic and a 4" circle ruler and stapled a paint stick to it so I could hold it and used my small foam roller and went to work.
All done and ready for carpet the next morning!
The carpet got in on Monday April 1st and I love it. I vacuumed it right away I love vacuuming new carpet.
Almost there!
We picked out some furniture at Ikea for this wall that we were making into an office and storage and awesomeness.
I wanted something big and red in  my room, like an arm chair or a dresser but we saw this table top at Ikea and loved it and wanted to build this desk around it.
14 hours after we started, this is what we got! The other 8 doors were backordered so I had to wait a couple of days.
I moved all my stuff in on Thursday the 4th and got ready for a reveal. I was hosting a baby shower for my sister and so I made that day a goal to have it done so I could have stuff put away that I had out all over the house and so I could show some family.
I ordered some red knobs to go on my cabinets and we upgraded out dumpy computer that hasn't worked right for a year. I got the 27" iMac and I already love it so much!!
My quilting machine is set up on the window wall and my sewing area is over in the corner, I can set up the ironing board all of the time right behind me. I plan on making a design wall for that wall to the side. I am also going to paint that chair red and re-uphoster it. It is a very sturdy old chair and I want to make it part of my room forever.
And there it is! I love all of the space I have, I can lay at least 2 quilts out at a time on the floor. Or a quilt and a backing so I can cut batting. I had to put my favorite quilt up on the wall because it fits so well. I have ordered blinds and will make some curtains to go to the sides but for now I love the light and being able to see out to the front yard and everything.

I now have a place that I love, and I am so happy every time I am in here it makes it so nice to work!
Thanks for waiting and watching while we got this big project done!

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  1. Beautiful! You have SO MUCH SPACE! That is just wonderful.