Friday, August 9, 2013


I'm so bad at blogging lately! My friend Deann said she looks if I have updated my blog ever day so that motivates me to get working on it more!
I've had a great summer, I've been playing a lot and not too busy with quilting it has been nice.
I also made the decision and ordered a new quilting machine! I'm so excited to have something so awesome to work with. I can't really imagine yet how much faster and better it is going to be for me!
I ordered an APQS Lucey- she has a 26" throat and I'm thrilled to have the space!

I have re-covered my sewing chair and now it matches my room perfectly. This is what it looked like before, it is a really sturdy chair but I need it to match!
I picked out this print by Bonnie and Camille for Moda but I know that it being a quilting cotton would make it wear out fast so I put a vinyl over it and painted the chair red! I am so in love with it now!

Our big project this spring/summer has been the yard, we got the yard all put in and my husband built this shed with a playhouse on top. It was fun to help him and watch him build it. We got this big 14 foot slide from lifetime to come off the balcony. The roof is shingled now and a door is put on the shed part and we need to get the siding done before too long!

 We also bought this swingset from Lifetime. The girls have been loving it and now we have the best yard and we all love it so much!
 My girls have been in a dance group and they did some performances and parades this summer, they are loving it and doing so well at dance!
 We got to take them on an airplane for their first time, here they are with my husband getting ready to take of and go to Arizona! We went down to see my sister and her family and she had a baby last month so we got to meet their new baby cousin!
 While there they wanted to get a souvenir so we actually went to the build a bear and they picked out an animal. They love stuffed animals and these ones are pretty special now! Allie named hers Arizona and Marlee got the my little pony Rainbow Dash!
Ive done quite a bit of fun quilting this summer even though it has been slow, here is one from Katie. She wanted pebbles with some swirls on this cute quilt. I wouldn't have picked but I'm glad she did it turned out so cute and she does great quilts that are pieced well and puts fleece blankets on the back so they are extra soft!
 I can't wait to show my new machine and start doing awesome stuff on it. I will get to be a lot faster and have more time to blog!!


  1. so glad to see you back, cant wait to see the new machine and the great things you do with it,love to see your pictures,and quilts you are so talented.....DeeAnn

  2. I'm so happy for you! Your yard looks like it is coming along great. The playhouse idea is just fantastic, I'm sure your girls are going to love it. I'm excited for your new machine too!